Learn Carnatic Music Online

- Vid. Annapoorna Karthik M.A (Music), M.Sc 

Various levels/grades of progression (Guidelines for lessons):

  • Audio recording for the lessons taught will be sent after the classes
  • Video recording in case assistance is needed with Thaalam
  • Students are recommended to maintain practice log
  • Students can reach out anytime for any doubts/clarifications during practice
  • Progress of the lessons also depend on:
    • Frequency and regularity of classes
    • Time dedicated by the student to practice with recordings sent and perfect the lessons taught
    • Student's ability to grasp the lessons (as it varies for each student based on age,etc)


Lesson guidelines for Beginner Level:        

  • Singing with proper alignment to Shruthi
  • Getting the swarasthanas right
  • Introduction to various thaalas
  • Insight into swara rendition with appropriate gamakas through the swaravali bruga saadaga varisais
  • Introduction to different ragas through Geethams
  • Introduction to akaara saadagam/Voice culture techniques   to gain excellent breath control, mastery over the gamakams
  • Insight into the various thaala nadais with practice of the alankaras in the 35 thalas and the jaathiswaras
  • Insight into technical terms associated with the fundamental aspects of music through the lakshana geethams 

 Intermediate Level:

  • Gaining mastery in thaana,pada and daru varnams. (different thaalas)
  • Rendition of Varnams in three speeds
  • Comprehending Notations
  • Simple Keerthanais and Uthsava sampradaaya keerthanais of Sri Thyaagaraajar
  • Inculcate the ability to notate small krithis by themselves
  • Teach the ability to comprehend swara phrases
  • Learning  to appreciate  a concert, things to observe while listening a concert, etc          

 Advanced Level:

  • Pancharanthna Krithis
  • Start with complex krithis of trinity (Thyagaraja, Dikshitar and Syama Sasthry)
  • Vilamba kala krithis
  • Introduction to other music forms like Thillanas, Viruthams and Ragamalika, etc
  • Alapana,niraval,kalpana swaras and the technicalities involved in singing the various aspects of manodharmam
  • Ragam, Thanam, Pallavi
  • Singing Varnams in Thishra nadai
  • Preparation for performing at concerts