About Annapoorna

       About Annapoorna

  • 25+ years of formal training in classical music moslty in Chennai

  • Gurus

    • Sri. T. G. Badrinarayanan (disciple of Vidwan. D.K. Jayaraman) - Initial years

    • Advanced Level lessons from Vid. S. Sowmya

    • Currently under tutelage of Prof. Dr. Mysore Nagamani Srinath

  • Has performed in various concerts and has an excellent reportoire of over hundreds of krithis that include very rare compositions

  • Specializes in teaching Carnatic Music online to aspirants of all ages since last 10 years. Her ability to connect well with the students based on their need and inculcating interest in them is well appreciated by parents and also students of older age. 

  • Currently teaches online Carnatic Music Lessons to students of all age groups based out of USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Qatar, UAE, South Africa and India

  • Various students of Annapoorna across the globe have given concert performances and won prizes across various competitions.

  • Spectrum of students include kids to working moms to home makers

Select list of Concert Performances:

  • Indian High Commision, London, UK

  • Sri Balaji Temple, Birmingham, UK

  • London International Arts Festival, UK

  • Sri Ayyappa Samaja, Nairobi

  • Sri Rama Mandira, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

  • Mandiram, Basavangudi, Bangalore

  • Sri Gayana Samaja, Bangalore

Select list of awards and prizes won by Annapoorna:

  • VDS Arts academy award - Best performance - 2006 and 2007

  • University of Madras - Student Achiever Award for excellence in music from all affiliated colleges - 2007

  • Ayyappa Seva Samaj Nairobi - Award for Outstanding performance - 2010

  • Winner in National Level competitions conducted by Sadhguru Sangeetha Samajam, Madurai

  • Annamalai University - State level music competitions - 2003

  • MGR Janaki College for Women - Best Outgoing student in Music

  • K.b. Sundarambal Endowment Award - MGR Janaki college for women

  • Ethiraj College - 1st prize in Music under cultural competions - 2007

  • SIET College for Women - 1st prize in Music under cultural competions - 2007

  • Prizes in various other competions at both school and college level

  • Performed in Doordarshan, Imayam and Tamil thirai channels


       Lesson Guidelines

Various levels/grades of progression (Guidelines for lessons):


  • Audio recording for the lessons taught will be sent after the classes

  • Video recording in case assistance is needed with Thaalam

  • Students are recommended to maintain practice log

  • Students can reach out anytime for any doubts/clarifications during practice

  • ​​Progress of the lessons also depend on:

    • Frequency and regularity of classes

    • Time dedicated by the student to practice with recordings sent and perfect the lessons taught

    • Student's ability to grasp the lessons (as it varies for each student based on age,etc)

​  ​

Lesson guidelines for Beginner Level:        

  • Singing with proper alignment to Shruthi

  • Getting the swarasthanas right

  • Introduction to various thaalas
  • Insight into swara rendition with appropriate gamakas through the swaravali bruga saadaga varisais
  • Introduction to different ragas through Geethams
  • Introduction to akaara saadagam/Voice culture techniques   to gain excellent breath control, mastery over the gamakams
  • Insight into the various thaala nadais with practice of the alankaras in the 35 thalas and the jaathiswaras
  • Insight into technical terms associated with the fundamental aspects of music through the lakshana geethams 


 Intermediate Level:

  • Gaining mastery in thaana,pada and daru varnams. (different thaalas)

  • Rendition of Varnams in three speeds

  • Comprehending Notations

  • Simple Keerthanais and Uthsava sampradaaya keerthanais of Sri Thyaagaraajar

  • Inculcate the ability to notate small krithis by themselves

  • Teach the ability to comprehend swara phrases

  • Learning  to appreciate  a concert, things to observe while listening a concert, etc          


 Advanced Level:

  • Pancharanthna Krithis

  • Start with complex krithis of trinity (Thyagaraja, Dikshitar and Syama Sasthry)

  • Vilamba kala krithis

  • Introduction to other music forms like Thillanas, Viruthams and Ragamalika, etc

  • Alapana,niraval,kalpana swaras and the technicalities involved in singing the various aspects of manodharmam

  • Ragam, Thanam, Pallavi

  • Singing Varnams in Thishra nadai

  • Preparation for performing at concerts


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