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Online Carnatic Music Classes - Annapoorna Karthik

  • One-on-one Online Carnatic Music Classes for learners of all ages and levels

  • Focus on learning the right way rather than imposing them on learner for sake of completion

  • Flexiblity on scheduling of classes

  • Recordings and notations will be shared after the classes enabling for practice

  • Students encouraged to share practice recordings for review

  • Fees can be paid for sets of 4 Classes (if joining after trial session)

Course Structure

Beginner Course

Designed for learners with little or no prior training in Carnatic music 

  • Lesson coverage

    • Singing in alignment with Shruthi and Thalam 

    • Voice culture exercises​

    • Sarali, Jantai, Dhaatu, Upper and Lower sthayi Varisais

    • Saptha Thaala Alankarams 

    • 4 Simple Namavalis and small devotional songs 

    • 4 Geethams

    • 2 Swarajathis ​ ​


Class duration: 30 mins/45 mins
Based on the age and convienence of the learner 

Timeline for learning: 4 - 6 months 


  • Designed for learners who have completed beginner course and also had prior training in Carnatic Music

  • Lesson coverage

    • Bruha Sadaga Varisais

    • 10 Adi Thaala Varnams

    • 4 Ata Thaala Varnams

    • 5 Krithis of choice

    • 5 Devarnamas/Dasarapadas

    • Learn to sing simple Raga Aalapanas with structure

    • Learn to sing simple Niravals, Kalpana swarams and Porutthams

Class duration: 45 mins/1 hour
Based on the age and convienence of the learner 

Timeline for learning: 8 months 


  • Designed for learners who have completed good amount of Varnams and krithis want to start giving small concerts and performances with simple manodharma 

  • Lesson coverage

    • Advanced raga Aalapana in 10 melakartha and Janya ragas

    • Medium to complex neraval, koraippu and kalpana swarams 

    • 10 complex krithis in various kaalas and composers (based on choice) 

    • Plan for concerts and small performances​​

Class duration: 1 hour

Timeline for learning: 12 months 

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