Online Carnatic Music Classes - Annapoorna Karthik

  • Annapoorna offers one-to-one Online Carnatic Music classes over the Internet for learners of all levels and ages. 

  • Annapoorna has been learning Carnatic Music for 25+ years and has been teaching Carnatic Music Classes to students across the Globe for the past 12 years


  • Annapoorna has the ability to connect to a learner based on their level of grasping and take the lessons customized to their need

  • The lessons are not rushed on a learner, rather importance is given on learning the right way

  • Learners are encouraged to share their practice recordings through the week so that corrections can be suggested

  • New songs can be taught based on the level of the learner for any festivals or occasions or special performances

  • Classes are conducted through Skype or Facetime or Zoom

  • Classes will be scheduled at a mutually convienent time on a particular day/time of the week with flexible scheduling on exceptional conditions