Learn Shlokas Online

Annapoorna has a very good knowledge in Sanskrit having been exposed to Sanskrit from a very young age and also growing up in a very orthodox and pious background. 

Learners of any ages can now learn various Shlokas online through Skype or Zoom or Facetime sessions at a mutually convienent time. 

Some of the Shlokas which can be learnt online over one-on-one classes over Skype/Zoom/Facetime: 

  • Learn Vishnu Sahasranamam online

  • Learn Lalitha Sahasranamam online

  • Learn Kanda Shashti Kavacham online

  • Learn Lingashtakam online

  • Learn Thodakashtakam online

  • Learn Shlokas online for daily chanting based on the day

  • Learn Naama Ramayanam online

  • Learn Hanuman Chalisa online

  • Learn Subrmanya Bhujangam Online

Salient features:

  • Learn at a steady pace over one-on-one sessions

  • Meanings of Shlokas will be explained based on the age/level of learner

  • Additional focus on the right pronunciation and modulation of reciting Shlokas 

  • Recordings of shlokas taught during a class will be sent for practice 

If you are interested in learning Shlokas online, please WhatsApp me at +91 96201 94760 or email to annapoorna1986@gmail.com for a free trial session for learning Shlokas Online. Also, please share this with your friends/contacts who may be interested in learning.